Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1-9-17 Spending report

Monday I took two kittens to Petsmart to be adopted.  While in the big city (not really, but bigger than where I live) I took the chance to go to Goodwill.  What I really need are some new sleep pants. Every pair I have came from Goodwill initially and they have lasted several years.  But now they are falling apart or the drawstrings are coming out, and they won't stay up.

Sadly, I did not find any sleep pants, but I did make a small purchase.  I spent $3 total:  .99 for the little guitar-playing guy below, and .99 for the book.  The little guy will go in our humane society's auction in the fall, and I will probably start the price $5-$10.  I see them going for $15 and up on Ebay. The book is for my nephew, who loves Skylanders and will be thrilled to see it in the car when I pick him up from school today.  My total with tax was $2.16 and I rounded up to $3.

While at Petsmart, I found a bottle of Pectalin for kittens on clearance.  I am a kitten foster, and motherless kittens seem to always come to us with diarrhea.  Gross, but true, and can be deadly if not treated quickly.  I paid $2.60 for the Pectalin to have on hand.  If it works, will be worth every penny.

And then I succumbed to temptation and went to Panera.  Sigh.  I spent $9.59 on bagels and a drink. I noshed on the bagels yesterday and today so far and still have one left.  Do I regret it?  Yes, somewhat.  I should have gone prepared with something to eat and my bottle of water.

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