Saturday, January 14, 2017

1-14-17 Decluttering

Finally!  My first declutter show and tell of the year.  These items are still sitting on my dining room table in a box, waiting for me to take them to the Goodwill truck, but they are all definitely leaving.


-two furniture sliders
-fake greenery (aka dust collector)
-six shirts, including three that my mom was getting rid of a few months ago and I thought I would wear.  Nope.  Not going to happen.
-one dress
-husband's robe that he never wears
-travel mug
-husband's belt
-two pillowcases
-one cooking fork (Christmas gift from husband's coworker.  We will never use it, so are letting someone else have it.)
-Polar Express-themed lantern
-three-way bulb adapter
-lots of colored paper

My sister is taking the journal and paper.

I put up a box that contains random Christmas items, but before it went back on the shelf, I sorted through it.  Most of the items that remain are for wrapping items.

What I got rid of:

-a brand new box of Christmas cards
-ribbons that came off of packages
-tags that my husband won't use because they are too much trouble
-and their replacement, tags that won't stick to the packages for some reason! (went in the trash)
-barking/meowing Christmas dog/cat.  Yes, really.
-vintage tablecloth (that I am eyeing possibly selling on Ebay because they seem to sell well there)

Random bits and bobs:

-a string from an old dishcloth (in the kitchen drawer for some reason; now residing in the trash)
-goldfish cracker cutter (cute but only used it once)
-potholder from Arizona (gift from mother-in-law)
-blown fluorescent bulb (going to Lowe's for responsible disposal)
-heart cookie cutter (nephew is too old to enjoy his sandwich with a heart cut or imprint now)
-a second metal cookie cutter that was bent went in the metal recycling
-metal racks that go in the bottom of a rice cooker and Instant Pot
-screw and old battery, in the trash

I needed to put something in our lockbox, so while I was in there I emptied some items that could go:

-old rabies tags for our pets and the records that go with them
-old insurance policies
-expired credit card
-purchase papers for a truck we no longer own

I've got more items coming.  I'm on a roll and loving it!

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